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Remote access and file transfers in a web Browser

December 29, 2007 Leave a comment

I’m a great fan of free stuff that gets things done without a struggle. Here are some free programs to use together for remote control and file sharing between computers. Both programs work without router port forwarding or other setup configuration.


I highly recommend this web browser-based remote access program. It’s free and easy to use with no worries about router port forwarding or IP address tracking, unlike the many versions of free VNC software. Here’s the website:

The program has some surprising features described in the following video. Sounds and printing can work remotely with a controlled PC.

In the screenshot above I’m showing my Windows XP laptop remotely controlling my Windows Vista desktop. I’ve found this to be incredibly useful as it opens a new set of possibilities for running complicated or time consuming tasks remotely while my laptop can still respond quickly for simple navigation tasks. Useful remote processes are video conversions, downloads, and file storage and backup. There is no concern for the limited processor speed, hard drive space, or battery life of my laptop. Even if the laptop shuts down the processes can continue.

Civil Netizen

Civil Netizen is a free downloadable program for sharing large files over the Internet. Like the remote access program mentioned above, port forwarding and DNS tracking are unnecessary and no setup is required. Download the program here:

The program works by compressing files for transfer in “parcels” (*.parc files). There are currently bugs that limit file sizes, but in principle there should be none because the program establishes a direct connection between computers for the transfer. The transfers can be reasonably fast, but are limited by the upload speeds of the host computer. I usually expect about 30 KB/sec, which is as reasonable as anything I would expect. This program works very well in combination with LogMeIn Free remote control software.

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GPA calculator

December 6, 2007 1 comment

Below is an embedded spreadsheet that calculates a GPA if you update the Grade and Credit Hours columns.

Instructions: Fill in the Grade and Credit Hours columns for your current course load to find your GPA for the quarter.

Fill in the white cells. The gray ones will be updated automatically.

I put together a spreadsheet for projecting a GPA for 12 quarters in a previous post, but it is probably much more useful to calculate a GPA for a single quarter.

For reference, these are the GPA’s associated with each letter grade:

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