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Hologram Manufacturing

February 13, 2009 Leave a comment

The Honors program at Ohio State University offers a course about the science and art of holograms, taught by Dr. Harris Kagan. The course numbers are Art H455 and Physics H455. The course is fantastically interesting, but the instructors are typically unprepared for lectures so only about 5 hours of coursework takes place in a 10 hour week of classes. That’s a lot of time for busy people to invest.

The image on the right shows a sculpture I made in the holography laser lab. Students have opportunities to form concepts and create holograms on holographic film using the physics concepts learned in class discussions. Here I’m displaying a concept of the noteworthiness of creating an identity among giants. The title of this piece is “Identity.”

Here’s a presentation I gave on the manufacturing of holograms for security and entertainment purposes using embossing techniques.
PowerPoint Presentation (pptx)
Hologram embossing video (wmv)