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Disabling HP On Screen Volume Display

December 10, 2009 2 comments
New HP laptops, such as the dv6, are shipped with HP software that displays the volume on screen when it is changed with the TouchSmart buttons above the keyboard. The on-screen volume display (OSD) and the way it is displayed on the desktop is shown below:

While this sort of feature could be useful if it were handled separately from other Windows programs, this display can cause problems with causing programs to minimize or even crash when the volume is changed. To disable the on screen display, perform the following change in the Windows startup tasks:

1. Run msconfig: click the start menu and type ‘msconfig’ in the search box or press WIN+R and type msconfig, then press enter.
2. Select the Startup tab. You should see something like this:
Sort the Startup Item column by name and look for one of the following items. The name may vary by software version:
  • HP MediaSmart SmartMenu
  • HP Quicktouch On Screen Display
Disable the startup feature by unchecking the box next to the name of the volume on screen display program.
3. Click OK and restart. That’s it!
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